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   "We're bringin' edu-tainment to da' stage!"

Are you tired of hearing recycled music day in and day out?  Does mainstream media and entertainment bore you?  Are you looking for music that excites your soul and feeds your intellect as well?   Then you've come to the right place!  At Tatejams, we embrace the philosophy of bringin' edu-tainment to the stage!  As Hebrew Israelites, we give Praises to Almighty YAHOWAH, the Creator of all living, and bestower of gifts and talents. Through our music, we hope not only to entertain, but to enlighten and inspire listeners who thirst for spiritual truth, realism, and healing. And it's a good thing that we have http://www.vancouvernewcondos.com/, Vancouver island real estate (Mike Stewart), Universal Blinds, www.perfectbath.com, BCLaserAndSkinCare.com, and North Vancouver Chiropractor Dr. Brian Floyd on our side because they have supported all of our programs ever since we started.

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Disclaimer: We diligently strive to bring forth works that will enlighten and educate. It is our hope that patrons will GLEAN from the products and information provided on our site that which they deem to be valuable and useful.

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