TateJams is an innovative, independent company that produces, publishes and distributes "Inspirational Music." We at TateJams believe in promoting "music with a message" . We are interested in "out of the box" artists who have something important to say and will inspire listeners to think beyond themselves. There is no limit to our creativity at TateJams. Artists are encouraged to freely express and explore their talents without category confinements. In other words, an artist can be just that... AN ARTIST!! 

Music producers for TateJams are Michael & Monique Tate, a husband and wife team whose desire is to change the face of the music industry. Michael's ear for sounds that will move the people, coupled with Monique's prolific writing ability, the duo have created a unique genre of Israelite Music.

Using their Korg Triton Workstation and Digital Recording Studio (D1600), they have created a fusion of sounds ranging from driving Hip Hop beats, to soulful R&B melodies with a splash of jazz, classical/contemporary instrumentation and much, much more!! Their original lyrics convey simple spiritual messages of love, truth and peace that cross gender, age and cultural lines.

As the company continues to flourish, we will gradually develop the literary aspect of TateJams. Our immediate objective is to distribute books by authors who contribute thought-provoking scriptural, historical and sociological manuscripts. Our long range goal is to support and publish literary works of value that may be overlooked by mainstream media.

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Disclaimer: We diligently strive to bring forth works that will enlighten and educate. It is our hope that patrons will GLEAN from the products and information provided on our site that which they deem to be valuable and useful.

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