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  Monique Tate, Peekskill, NY

Monique is known for her prolific writing ability as well as her awesome singing voice. There is a reason she is often called a "songbird". Her warm melodic phrases have a way of pulling at your heart strings, uplifting you to feel good about yourself and others. Her lyrics have a storybook quality that captures the essense of deep human emotion. She is known for being a very caring person by her family and friends. Being a wife, mother, and former school teacher of the Greenburgh Central 7 School District (New York), Monique works diligently to maintain a positive self image. GO'IN Under is Monique's first solo project released by Tatejams.

In her own words....."After spending many years writing for various music productions and performing with various singing groups, I can finally say I've found my niche. I'm a firm believer that the creativity of an artist is what should set the standard for the music industry.  At Tatejams, I define me, I can be myself. I'm what you call a "no frills" kinda woman. I find joy in the simple things in life. As a Hebrew Israelite, the most important thing in my life is showing love and respect for the Creator.  Being able to express this love through music is a wonderful thing." 

  Curtis Gentles, Peekskill, NY

Tatejams extends a warm welcome to new member Curtis Gentles. Curtis shares the Tatejams vision of promoting “positivity” through music with a message. Curtis brings his own unique style of lyrical rhyme. His boundless energy and Reggae flava broadens the scope of Tatejams already unique genre of music.  His wife Tanesha also assists him in writing lyrics.  The single Who I Am, is their first joint effort release!

When asked what brought him to Tatejams, this is what he had to say:

"The Spirit of Yah brought me to Tatejams. The Spirit of the Most High flowing through your music is a beautiful thing. Music is very powerful and can bring deep healing to your soul. At Tatejams, I get to sing for Yah and his people, which is something I love. At Tatejams, we work as a team. I am encouraged to write from the heart. My lyrical contributions are truly appreciated. It is exciting to to explore fresh, new sounds. The music that flows out of Tatejams is truly a gift from the Father."

  Azarel, Seattle, WA

Azarel is the "Voice of Choice" of Israelite Hip Hop.  He is a rap artist and owner of Covenant Recordings, an independent record label from Seattle, Washington.  Be sure to check out this positive brother at his site  TateJams & Covenant Records are partnering to launch a new site in the Spring of 2005! will be a webportal for Israelite Artists to fellowship with like-minded artists, promote and distribute their work.

Azarel is also a radio DJ, his weekly online broadcast, IAUONLINE Radio Show, is featured Thursdays at 9PM EST.   If you would like to get your "message" to the people or perhaps would like a review of your music, Artists, labels, etc....send your material to

ATTN: Azarel

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